being famous certainly has its perks…

Kick the carbs and create your own salad using unlimited fresh ingredients  – and if you are crazy enough you can even create a salad on top of a customised pizza, either way, the choice is always yours because you make it famous!

Step 1: Download the Fratelli Famous App
Step 2: Scan your app each time you order a Fratelli Famous Salad
*Each regular salad = 10 points / Free Salad = 90 Points
*Each salad on a pizza = 14 points / Free Salad = 126 Points
Step 3: Scan your app before your 10th Salad and choose to redeem your points for a salad absolutely free!

Create, eat and love our famous salads 9 times and you’ll get your 10th designer salad free.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous always come with big perks!

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